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  • Welcome to United Online

    United Online is the online learning portal for United Theological Seminary.  To begin, click on the login link in the upper right hand corner.  After signing in, your courses will be displayed under My Courses.  Click on the course name to access.


    Help with United Online

    Online support

    If you need assistance with United Online, contact the help desk at onlinehelp@united.edu

    Many questions may be answered by reviewing information found in the Frequently Asked Questions. You'll find links, downloads, and general information to help as you work in your online courses.

  • Change of Address

    Change of address

    Our email address has changed!  United Online support can now be reached at onlinehelp@united.edu. Please use this new email to contact support staff.

    The new address better reflects the recent change in our site name to United Online.

  • Don't Get Locked Out!

    Expired passwordDon't get locked out of your United accounts.  If you have gotten a reminder that your password is expiring, you can change it by going to your United email sign-on page.  Click on the change password link in the upper right hand area.

    If you should need assistance with your password, please contact onlinehelp@united.edu.

    Did you know that you can forward your United email account?  Forwarding your United email can help to keep you informed and save time.  Here are some quick instructions:  Forward email to another account.

  • The Hub

    The Hub

    The Hub, United's online community, is open and ready for you to use.

    Connect with other students, share prayer requests, or catch up on current news.

    To get to The Hub, click on the logo. You may be asked to enroll yourself, just click on the Yes button. You will be added to The Hub.

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